Trust that your data is secure with password-protected user API interface and read-only permission over SSL connection

Devices create a connection to our secure host site using a keyed API. No passwords are stored within the device.
Data is then recognized and mapped to a specific customer without the device having access to customer data.
Customers have password access to view data only and data downloads can be requested.

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React immediately to system problems, faults or danger by alerting the right personnel

Email alerts are unlimited and free. Text messages are almost free.
After an email alert, the user can log in to delve further into the nature of the alarm.
A follow-up email is sent to notify the user if a return-to-normal condition.

Alarm Text


Visually locate exactly where the problem is on your grid.

Asset location tracking is accomplished by Microsoft Bing Maps integration.
Devices can be purchased as fixed assets or mobile ones - depending on the application. Fixed asset addresses can be manually entered.

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